for Remote Teams

Lighthouse for Remote Teams offers the opportunity for employees to work with knowledge wherever they go. From healthcare professionals reviewing medical information to guiding engineers in complex processes, Lighthouse offers a unique opportunity for that extra level of flexibility when it comes to accessing vital information on the spot.

Knowledge available anytime, anywhere

Our full set of tools such as how-to guides, set templates and digital manuals are also available on mobiles and tables, enabling field agents and remote working employees to quickly retrieve necessary information on-the-spot. With all the information stored digitally, any employee can gain instant access to the entire knowledge base regardless if they are based in the office or out servicing patients, customers or on off-site technical operations.

Empower your employees with knowledge on-the-go

When your employee needs to be on-site with a client and is unsure of the right solution, the knowledge base is there to guide him with all the right answers via tablet or mobile phone. Remote employees now have the unique ability to upsell or solve on-site issues that they previously either didn’t have the knowledge of, or did not have instant access to the relevant information. They can respond to customer queries or product comparison in any situation or location. The Lighthouse knowledge system will help the employee to make smarter and better informed decision even in a time sensitive situation.

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