Save costs and improve document processes for your business

Developed and distributed by the Aman group, Digit is an easy to use organizational system for preparing materials for distribution according to the standards set by your organization or dictated by regulations. Digit solution offers smart production and distribution of organizational outputs for your customers


DigIT is the digital modul of FormIT – offers an innovative, proven solution allowing organizations to create, edit and distribute organizational outputs and data such as invoices, customer correspondence, forms, documents, item breakdowns, receipts, and marketing documents in a range of distribution channels while eliminating the need to use external suppliers. Digit possesses the ability to distribute information in any format and from any system to any destination, internal or external. Your business can remain confident and secure as distribution capabilities with a digital signature and encoding exist at a high data security level. Incorporate the information from the correspondence with raw data and integrate it smoothly with legacy systems. Our software allows for the full process of engagement, from email to digital signing to SMS, between the end user and service provider, all done accurately, automatically and painlessly.

Output Management

Empower your business with the ease of management and secure passage of information from supplier to customer. By extracting data from legacy systems, our software organizes information in an efficient manner in order to be delivered to the customer.  Through gathering data from existing systems and compiling it to build a report, you can effectively and accurately send reports or information via email, PDF, or HTML based documents to the customer in a smooth, organized manner.

Informatica Connectivity

The incorporation of Informatica’s abilities embedded in our software allows for very deep benefits in integration with legacy and other systems. Our Informatica integration provides your business with the adaptability and connectivity tools to engage with other systems, providing the ease to navigate and integrate smoothly with a variety of mainframe and open systems.

Social Media Integration

Integration with social media, including connectivity for marketing campaigns and user engagement, is vital to any active and savvy business today. Gather vital information and smoothly execute initiatives with the peace of mind of full social media integration.

DIGIT Responsivity

We offer a new package for digital IT, enabling interactive signing, full compatibility with mobile phones, and unparalleled responsivity.

Accessibility Toolbar