POV is a powerful Analytical and Reporting BI platform that automatically provides an accurate and up-to-date view of the organization Data.

POV BI helps people review and easily understand their data better in seconds for smart decision-making.

POV consolidates all available data sources to a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard that facilitates complex analyses and is adaptable to your organization’s specific needs and measurements.

Smart Decision-making

POV extracts data from any source, analyzes the data and presents all in intelligent and intuitive dashboards. Analysis is based on both real-time and batch data. Decision makers understand a comprehensive and visually appealing view that is based on reliable and up-to-date information.


Single Source of Truth

POV extracts data from all the information sources in the organization: ERP, CRM, HR, Excel files, CSV, etc. and connects to all databases: SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, AS400, etc. All information is presented in a single, unified interface.

Customizable and Flexible

POV provides a wide range of DATA solutions for organizations of any size.

Users can drill down and drill through information easily or form reports and alerts.


POV supports presentation formats for all organizational stakeholders: dashboards for decision makers and reports for managers. Analysis is presented in a simple and user-friendly format. Data is delivered across multiple channels and can be scheduled to be sent based on predefined conditions.

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