Infor CloudSuite ERP

Flexible, Scalable and Easy-to-Use ERP

Efficiently and easily manage your operations with Infor CloudSuite’s industry-specific cloud-based ERP solution. No more relying on cumbersome on-premises IT infrastructure. By leveraging the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing and solutions like AI, BI and a CRM, Infor CloudSuite enables enterprises and SMBs to adapt to changing needs, streamline workflows, and enhance collaboration with partners and customers, all while lowering costs and improving performance. Start today.

Enjoy the benefits of a SaaS Cloud ERP application:


Pricing flexibility instead of upfront of hardware infrastructure costs.


Add or remove users on-demand with no significant additional investment.

Easy Access

Easily access and use Infor Cloudsuite from anywhere and from any device.


Transform your business with future-ready capabilities.

Important Update for Israeli companies: Infor CloudSuite is now localized according to Israel’s tax authorities requirements.

A Unique Solution for Each Industry

Infor’s specialized components and templates were built to address each industry’s specific requirements.

The ERP cloud by Aman Group and Infor Israel caters to the needs of six industries:


Infor drives productivity and competitiveness through a flexible solution that provides visibility and data for optimal decision-making:

  • Communicate seamlessly with suppliers through a supplier portal
  • Optimize production with capacity planning capabilities
  • Get cross-business visibility with a 360 view of customers and prospect activities
  • Automate tasks with RPA
  • Get visibility into the product journey
  • Manage product certificates automatically
  • Create unique product attributes and groups with the product attribution service


Infor improves operations by connecting people, machines, products and processes to make the right decisions.

  • Manage and analyze how part changes can affect the remainder of a product
  • Communicate with subcontractors and effectively manage the relationship
  • Build a catalog of content and automation flows for rapid value realization
  • Automate digital document management to improve productivity
  • Automatically process invoices for payments
  • Personalize customer service workspaces
  • Analyze part changes to control engineering changes

Food and Beverage

Infor helps you navigate your unique challenges, like label compliance and demand changes, to keep your margins strong and your customers happy.

  • Consolidate insights that help optimize and automate the shop floor
  • Easily work with suppliers in real-time
  • Build a catalog of content and automation flows for rapid value realization
  • Automate digital document management to improve productivity
  • Automatically process invoices for payments
  • Improve quality control and avoid recall
  • Optimize production with capacity planning capabilities
  • Improve safety regulation compliance
  • Use electronic records to improve audit assistance


Infor simplifies the most granular level data flows for each user to accelerate the time it takes to take a product from molecule to market.

  • Optimize the supply chain by planning products, optimizing formulas, attributing costs, addressing regulatory challenges, and more.
  • Manage the product life cycle and reduce the time spent on PLM processes
  • Balance supply and demand through inventory, service and performance optimization
  • Improve delivery and customer service to optimize your supply chain
  • Manage the workflow
  • Automate manufacturing, including inventory, operations and labor
  • Improve manufacturing operations by adjusting formulas and building and monitoring the regulatory environment


Infor supports core processes for OEMs, dealers and rental organizations.

  • Optimize sales process and reduce risk through pricing guidance, cash flow management, assets tracking and more.
  • Optimize equipment availability by matching equipment to customer needs, analyzing operational and financial performance, getting visibility into the inventory network and more
  • Improve customer service by minimizing equipment downtime, focusing on first-time-fix repairs, AI-driven predictive maintenance and more.
  • Optimize supply chain management with spare parts reduction, inventory deployment improvement and supply chain collaboration
  • Optimize the equipment lifecycle from acquisition to end of life


Infor helps fashion brands meet consumer demands by improving visibility, enabling sustainability and optimizing manufacturing and distribution.

  • Use customizable templates for smart planning and faster deployment
  • Pre-pack with better insights
  • Improve how you handle B2C deliveries
  • Easily work with suppliers
  • Control and optimize your supply chain
  • Meet sustainability targets
  • Improve product lifecycle management

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