Integrating existing CAD flows with AWS & IBM LSF


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Some semiconductor companies were “born in the cloud”. For everyone else, integrating AWS compute, storage and automation with existing flows is important to improving time to results without impacting engineering productivity.

In this session, we will walk through the tools required for seamless integration of existing flows and tools with AWS, using an IBM LSF example, showing how engineers can leverage resources from AWS while not having to change their day-to-day operation.

Our Speaker

Princple Product Manager,
IBM Spectrum

Bill is the Global Offering Leader for IBM Spectrum LSF. With over 25 years experience in High Performance Computing in a wide range of industries, Bill is responsible for the offering management and strategic direction of the LSF family of products. He joined IBM in 2012 as part of IBM’s acquisition of Platform Computing. At Platform, he undertook various roles including Product Architect, Solution Architect, Consultant, Technical Marketing, Systems Engineer as well as Product Management. Prior to platform, he worked in varied roles in Aerospace Engineering and Marine Engineering.


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