Profile Software

Aman’s Profile Software develops software packages tailored to the specific needs of customers operating within the financial sector. Profile software provides enterprises with state of the art and custom investment management and banking, digital systems, Fintec products and applications, and many more. P2P Lending

Key aspects of Aman’s Profile Software include P2P Lending. This product provides for the provision of loans for a variety of business models, including a model that allows P2P lending between system users. The system includes a web-based module for the lenders and the borrowers, as well as specialized modules for managing loans and all the credit risks involved. The system is multi-lingual and supports Hebrew, while its flexibility enables a particularly quick implementation. is a unique universal banking platform that effectively covers the areas of core and Islamic banking, private banks, leasing and financing and collections. incorporates a pioneering crowdfunding solution, which combines banking and investment management functionality.


IMSplus is also a feature of Aman’s advanced profile software offerings. IMSplus is an investment management platform that accommodates the requirements of wealth management, asset and fund management, family offices, personal banking & brokerage organizations and more.



A web-based, omnichannel solution that is suitable for the wealth management industry and for businesses of any type and size is found within Axia. Axia provides flexible deployment options and pricing without the need for internal IT infrastructure. The platform also incorporates a powerful client onboarding solution to streamline the client acquisition process while offering a unique client experience and an intuitive design.

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